How To Trade Pump And Dumps 30 Minute Video By Timothy Sykes The Penny Stock Millionaire

You must watch this 31 minute video: How to Trade Pump and Dumps by Timothy Sykes. Timothy Sykes started trading penny stocks when in college and was a penny stock millionaire before he left college. He teaches his students how to trade penny stocks. A few of his students are penny stock millionaires themselves. Trading pump and dumps is one of his favorite strategy. He gets in when the pump is building up and then gets out before the stock crashes. He knows how to do it. Watch the video below in which he talks in detail how he does it.

Timothy Sykes as said above is a self made millionaire and teaches the ins and out of trading penny stocks to his students. His students have now made over $16 million. You can join his Daily Chatroom and trade live with him daily.

Timothy Sykes