How To Trade Penny Stocks: Timothy Sykes Makes 30% In 30 Minutes 40 Minute Video

Trading penny stocks can be lucrative but at the same time highly risky. However Timothy Sykes knows how to trade penny stocks. He was a millionaire trading penny stocks while still in his college. Timothy Sykes has specialized a new method of trading penny stocks. You should watch this 40 minute video below in which he describes how he made 30% return in just 30 minutes!

Trading penny stocks does not require a huge investment. The only thing that you require is the skill and the knowledge how to trade them. Suppose you spot a penny stock trading at $0.10 and invest $100 in it which means you buy 1000 shares. This stock goes up to $1 and you now have $1000 in your account. So you see you don’t need a large capital to trade these stocks but you sure do need a mentor who can take you by hand and show you how to trade pennystocks.  This mentor in our recommendation is Timothy Sykes. So if you want you can trade live with Timothy Sykes and get his daily alerts. Timothy Sykes as said above is a self made millionaire and teaches the ins and out of trading penny stocks to his students. His students have now made over $16 million. You can join his Daily Chatroom and trade live with him daily.

Timothy Sykes