1 Hour Forex Strategy By Jason Sweezey!

This 1 Hour Forex Strategy has been developed by Jason Sweezey, a pro trader who lives in Ontario Canada. You must learn this powerful 1 Hour Forex Strategy. Watch this video by Jason Sweezey in which he shows how simple this 1 Hour Forex Strategy is. When you download this forex strategy, you get:

1. 8 video tutorials
2. 1 Hour Forex Strategy Manual
3. 2 Custom indicators


The average number of pips with this One Hour Forex Strategy is usually 15-30 pips. You just need around 45 minutes to trade with this strategy. The good thing about this strategy is that it does not use any moving averages. Now what you can do is download this 1 Hour Forex Strategy and go through the manual and install the 2 custom indicators. Test this strategy on the demo account first. As a rule of thumb you must make at least 50-100 trades with any new forex strategy in order to test it thoroughly and become familiar with it. Once you have tested the strategy on the demo account thoroughly only then trade live with it.

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