Forex Striker Robot Wins 88.2% Trades!

Forex Striker Robot has been developed by the famous EA Developer Steve Carletti. Steve Carletti is today considered to tbe world’s best EA developer. Forex Striker has been beta tested by more than 500 traders on live accounts. Forex Striker Robot has won a total of 88.27% trades made since 2006. It is also the world’s first patented forex robot.


When you trade with a new robot, system or software, just make sure that you first test that system or software on the demo account thoroughly..The good thing, you can test this robot on the demo account for 60 days as it has got full 60 days of no questions asked money back guarantee. Download Forex Striker, install it on the demo account on either GBP/USD or EUR/USD and then let it trade automatically for a few weeks. Just make sure that you have done the installation correctly. Just make sure that you choose the risk setting of 2%. At the end of the month, check the performance. If you don’t like the performance, simply ask for a refund.

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