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This blog is about investing. You can invest in stocks, options, ETFs, gold, silver, real estate, commodities and currencies. This post is about currency trading. Currency trading also known as forex trading is now a days popular despite the fact that almost 95% of the people who try it lose their startup capital and give up in a few months. However, forex trading is a big income earner for millions of housewives in Japan. So you can well imagine how many people around the world are trading currencies from their homes.

Vladimir Ribakov is one such trader who has been trading currencies successfully for many years now. After graduating from the university he borrowed $10K from his father and started trading forex. Within a few days he had lost his father’s saving. He looked at his trading logs and tried to figure out where he had gone wrong. After a few months he again tried but this time with only $500. He recovered the $10K that he had lost. Over the years, his experience has grown and now he is a well respected forex trader known to the the forex community.

Vladimir Ribakov will be releasing his Forex Scorpio System in the next few days. As part of the pre-launch sequence he is giving one of his Forex Market Control System FREE. You can download the 22 page Forex Market Control System PDF, indicators and templates FREE. Below is a screenshot of the Forex Scorpio Code buy trade screenshot.

'Forex Scorpio

I have gone through Forex Market Control 22 page PDF and find his system to be robust and reliable. You should download the PDF and go through it. He explains everything on how his system works and how you are going to place buy/sell orders. Test his system on the demo account. Just follow the buy/sell rules that he gives in the PDF.. Below is a screenshot of the Forex Scorpio Code sell trade screenshot.

'Forex Scorpio

The basic idea behind this Forex Market Control System is to ride the trend and make as much profit as possible. A trend develops in the market when price starts increasing/decreasing steadily. When you have an uptrend, we buy and when we have a downtrend we sell. Forex Market Control dashboard is where you get the signal. The dashboard tells you the situation on the higher timeframes as well and let’s you know when you should enter into a trade.

Did you see the multiple lines on the buy/sell screenshots? These lines are multiple moving averages and we will call them the Net. These multiple moving averages have different settings. When the NET color is blue, it means the trend is up and when the NET color is red, it means the trend is down. Now this is important. All the line should be blue or red. There will be times when some of the lines will blue and the other lines will be red. This is the time you should not open any trade as the ,market is ranging.

Avoid the ranging markets at all costs. NET will tell you when the market is trending and when the market is ranging. We will only open the trade in a trending market in the direction of the trend. This is what you should do. You should making a trading journal and enter each trade that you make with the Forex Market Control System in it. Try to trade with the system on 10-20 currency pairs. This will give you more trading opportunities. As said enter each trade in the trading journal. Enter the entry price and the stop loss and the take profit. Also enter whether the stop loss was hit or the take profit target was hit. You can make columns to record all these observations.

After a few weeks, when you have made at least 50 trades, calculate the winrate. If you get a winrate higher than 80%, you have got a good system. In the next few days, Vladimir Ribakov will also release another system FREE. You can also download it. When you download these systems, make sure you leave comment below the download link. There are many comments on the download page. You should try to leave an outstanding comment that stands out from the rest of the crowd.

Never ever trade a new trading system without first testing it on the demo account. Many traders start trading live straight away without becoming familiar with the new system. Later on they regret. Don’t do that. In a few days, Vladimir Ribakov will choose the best three comments and give them his Forex Scorpio Code gratis. If you leave an outstanding comment, chances will be he will choose you. Even if you don’t get Forex Scorpio Code gratis, you can try it RISK FREE for 60 days. Forex Scorpio Code is a complete system. Leaving an outstanding gift can also help you earn a $500 Amazon gift card or a remote controlled drone. So make sure you spend some time leaving an outstanding comment.

This is how you can leave an outstanding comment. Read the comments left by other people. This will give you can idea of how other people have made their comments. Now you can write your own comment. Don’t rush. Just make sure you leave a good comment in which you first thank Vlad for giving you the opportunity to download his 2 systems FREE. After that you can tell him how his Forex Scorpio Code can make you a better trader.