The Billionaire Life Of Warren Buffet 1 Hour Documentary

Warren Buffet was the richest man in the world a short time ago. He is now the second richest man in the world. Interesting he starting with nothing. He was not born rich. He made his fortune as a stock investor. He became a disciple of Benjamin Graham at an early age when he read his seminal book, ” The Intelligent Investor”. If you want to understand how Warren Buffet made a fortune starting with nothing, you should watch this 1 hour documentary in which Warren Buffet talks about his life, his early years and his investing philosophy. Warren Buffet lives a simple life and even today drives a small car. His lives in a small house. His children went to the public schools. His simple lifestyle is what has endeared him to the people all over the world. He is famously called the Sage of Omaha.