How To Make $70K A Year Without Any College Degree?

College degree requires hard work. Plus you have to pay hefty semester fees that requires taking student loans and then repaying that student loan later on. Can you make $70K a year without a college degree? Yes definitely you can with this CNBC advice. But you will have to learn coding for that. Coding? What is coding? Computer programming. Students at the New York City-based school pay $15,000 for four months of coding instruction. They leave with the ability to develop software, and according to Flatiron School, 99 percent of students get a job with an average starting salary of $70,000 a year. Watch the video below!

Of course learning coding is not a piece of cake. You will have to work hard. You can also listen to this podcast in which people talk about learning coding helped them get a good job. Coding is used in everything you do online.  Now learn coding will help you a lot but you can also learn internet marketing, online stock trading and stuff like that to further increase your annual income. You need to learn how to develop a product and then market it online. Internet has now developed into a huge marketplace. Developing websites requires coding skills. Developing EAs require coding skills. So you can develop a product and then market it online making easily $10K per month which adds up to an annual income of more than $120K. Good Luck!