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Ron Insana is a highly respected business journalist and a money manager. He is a regular contributor on CNBC and MSNBC where he speaks on the pressing economic and financial market issues. Insana was the CEO of Insana Capital Partners from 2006 to 2008 and at its peak managed the $125 million Legends Fund. You can try Insana’s Market Intelligence Newsletter FREE for 14 days.

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When you subscribe to his Market Intelligence Newsletter, you will get an email alert as well as a text message whenever Ron opens a new trade. He will also show you what percentage of his portfolio he is investing in that trade. When he closes that trade, he will send you an email alert as well as a text message with an explanation of why he is selling and what is the amount of shares that he is selling.

Insana’s Market Intelligence is designed to help the individual investors as well as the sophisticated traders. You can also message Ron Insana and ask him questions about his swing trading strategy as well as general questions about the market. Say goodbye to vague trading ideas. Subscribe to Insana’s Market Intelligence Newsletter and get macro trading alerts from Ron Insana today.