The Man Who Turned A Boring Idea Into A $1.7 Billion Company

If you are buying stuff on internet then you must have noticed Zendesk support used by most vendors online. Zendesk CEO Mikkel Svane tells how he came up with the boring idea of a customer service software that everyone thought was very boring. But when he shared the vision for his product — a web-based, on-demand platform where companies can build relationships with customers — his boring idea suddenly became sexy.

The 3 lessons that he learned are valuable and insightful for all of us. For example, when he would make spelling mistakes and use simple sentences more, he would got much more response from the customers as compared to emails that were perfectly crafted. Another very important and interesting lesson was when one employ used his real name Michael, he would get poor response from the customers. But when Michael changed his name to Josephine, the response rate shot up. The third important lesson that he learned was that it is all about conversation.

You can read his latest book Startupland in which he tells that story of 3 guys who risked everything to turn an idea into a global business. This is what he says: “Conventional wisdom says most startups need to be in Silicon Valley, started by young engineers around a sexy new idea, and backed by VC funding. But as Mikkel Svane reveals in Startupland, the story of founding Zendesk was anything but conventional.

Founded in a Copenhagen loft by three thirty-something friends looking to break free from corporate doldrums, Zendesk Inc. is now one of the hottest enterprise software companies, still rapidly growing with customers in 150 countries. But its success was anything but predestined. With revealing stories both funny and frank, Mikkel shares how he and his friends bravely left secure jobs to start something on their own, how he almost went broke several times, how they picked up themselves and their families to travel across the world to California and the unknown, and how the three friends were miraculously still together for Zendesk’s IPO and (still growing) success….