How One Lunch With Warren Buffet Changed Guy Spier’s Life

Every year Warren Buffet auctions off a private lunch for the benefit of GLIDE Foundation. Over the years, Warren Buffet has raised more than $18 million with his private lunch auctions. This year the winning bid went for $2.2 million. Warren Buffet is amongst the top richest men in the world. At one time, he was the richest man of the world now you should check his ranking.

In June of 2008 Guy Spier and his friend Mohnish Pabrai won the auction with a bid of $650,100. An Oxford and Harvard Business School educated New York money manager with a new fund and a tainted resume, Spier went into the meeting looking for an insight that would help him become the next Gordon Gekko, or at least Bill Ackman. Did he become the next Gordon Gekko? Read the whole article to learn how this lunch changes the life of Guy Spier.