HLF Herbalife Shares Spike On Carl Icahn Joke Tweet About Ice Bucket Challenge

HLF Herbalife shares spiked on a tweet joke by Carl Icahn on ice bucket challenge. You can well imagine how much fickle minded the markets are. A tweet joke caused the HLF Herbalife share spike. Forget fundamentals and technicals, anything can happen in the market. You should keep this in mind that statements of big investors and shareholders like Warren Buffet, George Soros,  Carl Icahn and others can cause the markets to spike all of a sudden. If Warren Buffet shows interest in some stock, the price of that stock jumps up instantly. If the rumor spreads that he is interested in certain comany, you can well imagine the crowd jumping on the bandwagon as early as possible. Shares of Herbalife surged after a Carl Icahn Tweet dissing an “Ice Bucket Challenge” request from Jefferies’ CEO. Icahn owns a massive stake in Herbalife, the company that his long-time rival Bill Ackman is infamously short.

Carl Icahn Joke Tweet

Carl Icahn is a famous US investor and shareholder. His net worth is estimated to be $24 Billion. You can read more about Carl Icahn and how he built his business fortune here.