Japan Falls Victim To The Kaynesian Economic Scam

If you have taken Econ 101 in your undergrad years, you must be very much familiar with Keynesian Economics that teaches how to increase government spending in order to raise the aggregate demand.  Japan took exactly this root believing that Keynesian Economics will help increase the aggregate demand curve in Japan. See what has happened!

Japan saw its economy shrink at an alarming 6.8 percent annualized rate in the second quarter, proving its greatest national disaster, Abenomics, has failed and the Japanese economy has fallen victim to the scam called Keynesian economics. (Defined as the belief that a country can tax, spend, devalue and inflate its way to prosperity.)

So instead of an expansion there is a contraction and it should be a case study for US economists that anemic US growth is also a result of a full fledged Keynesian Program launched by the FED. Other countries should also take note of this Japanese stagflation caused by massive government spending.