AAPL Apple Stock Rises To Record High-Will Share Keep Going Up?

AAPL Apple stock touched $100 per share market on Tuesday. The big question is will this continue. iPhone 6 is set to release in the near future. It has new revolutionary features that are being anxiously waited by the market. Market analyst believe Apple stock AAPL is poised for a breakout on the upside and AAPL can rise 50%. Apple shares have been rejuvenated in recent months thanks to strong quarterly results, high expectations for new products and a 7-for-1 stock split that was completed in June. The split, which increased the number of shares outstanding and lowered the price accordingly, was aimed at making Apple’s stock more accessible to a wider audience.

For Apple bulls, the strategy has reaped immediate benefits. Shares have rallied by more than 30% since late April, when the company announced the split in conjunction with an upbeat quarterly report.