What Apple Related Stocks Are Ready To Explode?

Apple is a $500 Billion company that is well known all over the world. iPhone is it’s flagship product that is very popular all over the world. Apply is releasing the new iPhone 6 that is expected to revolutionize the mobile phone industry. With the recent stock split, Apple stock AAPL is now trading around $94 per share. Watch this iPhone 6 Stock Playbook video that explains in detail what 3 companies are expected to announce partnerships with Apple and how you can profit from the stocks of these companies that are expected to explode alongside Apple.

Apple Related Stocks

These companies are anticipated to announce new technology such as unbreakable glass that is also scratch proof and acts as solar panels that recharge your battery. Another breakthrough has been a radical increase in memory from a innovative chip maker. The question is..What do you think will happen to the stock price of these companies? Watch the iPhone 6 Stock Playbook video above in which Matt Morris from Microcap Millionaires explains what to do.