Iron Condor 101 Video Game

Iron Condor 101 is one of a kind video game. Don’t let the word video game fool you. Iron Condor 101 video game is a serious tool for serious traders. Iron Condor 101 contains real historical stock index prices. You control the speed with which the market moves.

Iron Condor 101

You need to choose the speed with you you want to practice your Iron Condor trade. The more trades you make in this video game, the more proficient you will become in your real life trading. You need to master these 3 decisions when trading Iron Condors.

1. Ride out your position till expiration.
2.Close your position.
3. Adjust your position.

Now with this simulated video game you make the above 3 decisions repeatedly with real historical stock index data on S&P, NASDAQ and RUSSEL. In level 2 of the game, you can adjust your position by buying additional puts and calls. The developer has provided 5 indepth videos that teach you how to play this game step by step. Remember, each Iron Condor that you trade in real life involves risking thousands of dollars. By playing this game for a small price of $197, you can avoid losing in real life. The developer developed this game for himself so that he could become more proficient in not only placing the trade but also managing it. You can also now take advantage of the hard work done by the developer in developing this video game that he says helped him a lot in making the right trading decisions.

Iron Condor 101