EUR/USD Trading Signals

EUR/USD is one of the most heavily traded pairs in the forex market. I mainly trade EUR/USD. EUR/USD pair is a highly volatile pair that moves a lot. If you can trade it well, you can make a lot of pips.  On the request of my Swing Trading Newsletter members,  I am starting my Million Dollar Trading Challenge. The aim is to turn $300 into $1 million in 12 months. I have opened a Swing Trading Signals Facebook Group where daily I post my EUR/USD Trading Signals FREE. Last month I made a gain of 206%. If you are interested you can join me. You can trade with your own broker. My EUR/USD Trading Signals are FREE. I only trade 2 pairs EUR/USD and GBP/USD. Just email me and I will subscribe you to my Swing Trading Signals Facebook Group. Read how you can download my swing trading system FREE plus about my Swing Trading Signals here. EUR/USD has got it’s own character and behavior. The best thing about EURUSD is that you can find very low risk trades. Most of the time, we are able to spot low risk trades that have reward to risk ratios of 5:1. Most of the time our stop loss is less than 30 pips.  In order to master EUR/USD, you need to understand its character and behavior. EUR/USD is directly correlated to Crude Oil. So if you are interested in trading EUR/USD, you should also keep an eye on Crude Oil charts. When the crude oil prices increase in the market, EUR/USD price also rises. EUR/USD is also heavily influenced by the release of fundamental news.You will also learn a EUR/USD Trading Strategy that involves trading the Inside Days Pattern. Inside Days work very well on the higher timeframes like daily and weekly. Take a look at the following screenshot.

EUR/USD Trading Signals

This one trade made me 1400 pips in 8 days. My stop loss was less than 30 pips. You can read more on how to trade naked using the Inside Days Pattern in this post where I have given a detailed analysis of my trade plus you can download a 44 page PDF on Naked Trading FREE.


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