Forex Price Flip Strategy FREE Videos!

You should watch these Forex Price Flip Strategy FREE videos. In these Forex Price Flip Strategy FREE videos, Tom Strignano Alongi, a former Chief Bank Trader explains the genesis of his Head Fake Trading System in great detail.

Forex Price Flip

Head Fake Trading System is a very accurate and reliable system that Tom developed while working as the Chief Bank Trader for a huge New York Bank. Head Fake Trading System can accurately predict the market tops and bottoms what we call the turning points in technical jargon.

Forex Price Flip Strategy is based on this Head Fake Pattern. It works on multiple time frames and particularly in conjunction with S/R (support and resistance). Tom has also developed a Forex Price Flip EA that automates this whole strategy so you have nothing to do. Just install the EA and let it trade for you. If you want there is a Supervised Trade Copier (STC) as well. With this STC, you don’t need to download and install the EA. STC will automatically connect your account to the master account and the trades will be automatically copied onto your master account.

Don’t miss watching these Forex Price Flip FREE video#2. This video is titled: “Theft Through Deception…The Art of Misdirection in a “Dog-Eat-Dog” World Created By the Federal Reserve & the Bilderberg Group.”