Stocks Will Collapse By 50% In 2014

A dire warning is being given by a few hedge fund managers: Stock are about to collapse by 50% in 2014. A gigantic asset bubble has formed in the financial markets especially the stock market. FED is pursuing policies that are keeping the interest rates artificially low and punishing the income earners and savers. There is no incentive for saving. People are being forced to speculate in stocks and real estate.

It is being reported that Warren Buffet the Oracle of Omaha is also preparing his portfolio for the coming stock market crash. Do you know the Warren Buffet Indicator? Total Market Cap to GDP Ratio is known as the Warren Buffet Indicator. This indicator is breaching the sell alert status and a collapse can happen anytime. However there will be some sectors in the economy that will perform well. You can read the whole MoneyNews article titled: Warning: Stocks Will Collapse by 50% in 2014.

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You should also read the MoneyNews Article: Investors Continue To Flock To ETFs. ETFs continue to become more popular with the investors as ETFs have an annual expense ratio of 0.6 compared with 1.3 of the actively managed mutual funds. ETFs also can be traded just like stocks during the trading day. ETFs became popular as a vehicle to invest in stocks. But they are also increasingly being used to invest in bonds and bank loans.